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Trimos specializes in precision measurement instruments, accessories, hardware, and software. They sell height gauges, horizontal measurement instruments, surface measurement instruments, portable measuring instruments, and more. The particular height gages they offer include: TVM and V3 through V9. The horizontal measurement instruments they carry are: Tels, Alesta, Horizon Granite, Horizon Setting, Horizon Premium, and Twinner. These tools also come with an available lab component Labconcept or Labconcent Nano. The surface measurement instrument at Trimos is a TR Scan that comes with white light interferometry technology and chromatic confocal microscopy line technology. They also offer a wide range of portable measuring arms depending on your needs to allow for simple and accurate 3D measurement.

Finally, beyond all of these tools, Trimos also carries hand tools, digital indicators, internal measuring instruments, digital scales, measuring probes with digital displays, measuring benches, and measuring stands.

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