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In build and capability, a Vernier caliper, a dial caliper, and a digital caliper are all very similar. However, they also have important distinguishing features. All three of these caliper types are built with multiple functional measurement techniques. With inside jaws, outside jaws, and a depth probe, these calipers can complete almost all of the same measurements as the one-purpose calipers. One disadvantage of being multi-faceted is that these calipers may not be quite as flexible in range of distances as the one-purpose calipers, like an outside caliper. The central distinguishing feature of these calipers is the way in which the measurement readout functions. On a Vernier caliper, there is a Vernier scale with gradation marks that minimize operator error and improve interpolation. On a dial caliper, the readout is a simple dial face. These are good for completing differential measurements. Finally, on a digital caliper, the readout is a digital face. These allow for very precise measurements and may even be easily connected to a computer for data recording and collection.
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