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The Higher Precision team is well-versed in setting bore gages, whether using a micrometer, a setting ring, or a bore gage setting kit. However, it is tough to pick the best method. The decision comes down to context every time. While we would not advise using a micrometer to set a bore gage because of the limited accuracy, there are a number of situations that call for this method. Perhaps you only have a micrometer available and need to set a bore gage, or perhaps this is an unimportant part of the project you are working on, but time is of the essence. While using a setting ring to set a bore gage may be the best choice when it comes to complete accuracy, not everyone has the funds to buy or access to the required equipment. If you are working with bores frequently and need to set a bore gage daily across a range of different sized bores, acquiring a number of setting rings may be the best way to assure consistency. Finally, while using a bore gage setting kit is the most straightforward, it is also more time intensive and not everyone’s preferred method. Having a bore gage setting kit around may be your happy medium for getting accurate results at a lower cost. Ultimately, choosing the best method for setting a bore gage depends completely on context.

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