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There are two central designs of Sylvac scan and the Sylvac Scan 52 Reflex Click is one of them. The Sylvac Scan Reflex Click model is designed to complete common measurements of cylindrical parts. If you are in the market for a standard tool for standard work, then this is the Sylvac scan for you. In all settings, the Sylvac Scan 52 Reflex Click utilizes the simple power of one-click measurement. Equipped with an integrated calibration master, SPC basic, reflex click technology, data export capabilities, and a landscape design, the Sylvac Scan 52 Reflex Click is accessible to anyone and any workshop. The Sylvac Scan 52 Reflex Click only requires a computer with a Windows multilingual operating system, a mouse, a keyboard, and a display screen. Each scan package includes a manual, the Sylvac Reflex-SCAN software, two male centers, and a rotary headstock.

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