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Depending on the available tools at your disposal and the budget you are working with there are a number of different ways in which to set your new bore gage to a calibration standard. One of the best ways to do so involves the use of setting rings. However, using setting rings can be an expensive process and typically involves the purchase of multiple sets due to the limited range of each one. An alternative method is to use a micrometer as your bore gauge calibration standard. Most metrologists will have a micrometer around, making this a convenient option. A third method involves purchasing a bore gage setting master kit, like that offered by Fowler. These kits may be expensive, but you definitely get more bang for your buck and will be set for any bore gauge calibration procedure you need to conduct. Finally, some users just sent out their bore gage for calibration, but this can be time consuming and comes at a higher cost.
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