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Some of the current tariffs being imposed by our government are between the United States and China. The first tariff that was initiated occurred in June of 2018. Machine tool accessories, hardness tester parts, and all the extra parts and accessories for these products groups were given a 25% tariff when imported from China. As of September 2018 all other testers, instruments, and precision tools are given a 10% tariff, which were then raised to 25% in June of 2019. While there are a few exceptions in this group that currently have a 15% tariff, hundreds of materials and products imported from China currently have an additional 25% tax, which is enormous compared to the national average tariff of 1.6%. There do not seem to be any upcoming changes that will decrease these costs and there continues to be a risk of further increase. Until an agreed upon trade deal is reached between the United States and China, it is possible that the tariffs on imported materials and tools that directly impact the field of metrology will continue to rise.

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