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The Bowers Group prides itself on its expansive list of precision measurement instruments. They offer 64 different bore gauge tools, including digital and large diameter bore gauges, as well as setting rings and microgauge cones. They sell different levelers and hand tools, such as micrometers, gauge sets, ranges, indicators, calipers, protractors, and more. Thread measuring devices like pitch diameters, setting systems, thread rolls, and groove gauges are also available. Instruments for testing hardness, thickness, and roughness, as well as workshop tools like gauge blocks, rulers, tapes, and telescopic sets are sold. In addition, Bowers has a wide selection of height gauges, optical measurement devices, and special applications instruments. If you are unsure of the exact design and specifications that you require for a job, contact Bowers Group to have one of their expert engineers help you decide on the optimal instrument.
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