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What was new and special about the TM series of Mitutoyo microscope when it was released?

The TM series measuring microscope was released by Mitutoyo with an ergonomic design and newly enhanced features. The LED illuminator built into each microscope was newly designed for improved observation in the TM series. The base design of this microscope was modified with a lateral notch, built to make the tool easier to move around and carry. The optical camera adapter on this model also improved the microscopes design, as did the new AC adapter which was included to cover a wider range of voltages. Overall, the TM series measuring microscope was designed to be adaptable in high traffic work settings while having a smaller footprint on the environment. The TM series of Mitutoyo microscope is ideal for measuring machined metals, particularly when measuring dimensions and angles, or when checking gears or screws after attaching a reticle.
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