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Often when thinking about the repeatability and precision of a measurement, we consider the measurement tool or device itself and its quality. While this is incredibly important, it is equally important to not overlook the operator of that device or tool. The metrologist in charge of conducting any measurement has a crucial role in both the repeatability and accuracy of that measurement. Two of the more common causes of variability due to the operator of a measurement is inexperience or inefficiency. Inexperience may be due to an operator being new, using a new machine, or conducting a new type of measurement. Testing for repeatability can be important in identifying what an operator needs to work on. Inefficiency may be due to lack of rest, overwork, or job boredom or frustration. Testing for repeatability can also be a great way to identify operators who need improvement in their work environment. While the measurement tool is at the heart of any measurement, no tool can do its job without an experienced and efficient operator.
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