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Yes, we have knowledgeable employees that are able to assist you with selecting the appropriate measurement tool for your application. Go to our Ask the Expert page in our Learning Center to e-mail us, or call 617-420-2517 and let us know a little more about your specific application. If it is easier to send a part drawing, feel free to e-mail it to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How often a gage is calibrated is completely up to the end user or their company. Most companies have to follow a specific calibration cycle set in place by their company or their customers. Higherprecision.com recommends having a gage calibrated at least once a year depending on how often the gage is used and how careful the operators are with the tools.

Yes, granite is a far superior material for a surface plate than its comparators cast iron, glass, or metal. Granite comes with a number of advantages that overall allow your surface plate to last longer and to provide more reliable measurements. Granite does not rust or corrode overtime and it is almost impossible for granite to warp. Only under rare and extreme environmental circumstances would granite suffer the same damage that cast iron, glass, or metal might. When granite does get nicked or chipped, there is no compensatory hump. Granite has a longer wear life, a greater degree of precision, smoother overall action, a low maintenance cost, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Finally, there is no magnetic quality to granite with makes granite surface plates safer in the presence of multiple other materials.
Yes, Trimos is very much a global precision measurement company. One aspect of their identity they hold near and dear is being able to reach so many customers with their Swiss-made high quality equipment. In addition to that, they regularly offer a number of trainings in countries all over the world. The numerous worldwide partnerships of Trimos include: Dantsin in China, Studenroth Präzisionstechnik GmbH in Germany, Solman Hungary in Hungary, Gruber in Austria, Measure M in South Korea, AMK Toolprom Group in Belarus, Bowers Group in the United Kingdom, Microtech in Ukraine, BRW in Switzerland, Fowler High Precision in the United States, Hi-Tech Metrology in Australia, Issoku in Japan, Metrology in Czech Republic, Andes Meettechniek BV in the Netherlands, MaxValue in Thailand, Oberon in Poland, Primatek in Italia, HTS Verktoy in Norway, Grupo Gemelo in Mexico, Eclipse Tools in North America in Canada, PT. Yakin Maju Sentosa in Indonesia, Analis in Belgium, WT Precision Equipment in Singapore and Malaysia, and KmK Instrument in Sweden.
Vernier calipers have been a staple in metrology tool sets for decades. These traditional tools provide extreme precision and accuracy in the measurements they take. Very adaptable, Vernier calipers can be used to measure inside and outside dimensions of a part as well as depth dimensions. Vernier calipers come with twin scales such that a main scale can be used with the secondary scale when measuring, thus eliminating the need for any external device like a ruler. Built using stainless steel, these tools are incredibly durable and made to last a lifetime by being resistant to damage and corrosion. Finally, since Vernier calipers are commonly used, they are also commonly made, which makes pricing competitive and low.
Sylvac SA is consistently committed to offering the latest technological advancements to its customers. As a pioneer, Sylvac SA offers different forms of software that are compatible with some of its best measurement tools. Recently, Sylvac SA launched a family of 2nd generation Bluetooth instruments. These instrument technologies open the door to more possibilities for measurement and connection standards. The three types of connection profiles available include simple, paired, and Human Interface Device (HID) connection. Additionally, Sylvac SA offers Vmux, a multiplexer software. Vmux allows the user to assign a COM port to specific instruments that are connected via Bluetooth or a USB cable, thus redirecting measurement data directly to a computer. This software is user-friendly and infinitely improves data storage and efficiency. Included in the program is instrument auto-detection to activate your channels and access stored configurations. Sylvac SA is always one step ahead when it comes to precision measurement software and technology.
Taking care of your surface plate well is incredibly useful when it comes to getting your money’s worth and making it last. You want to make sure that you keep your granite surface plate clean. Airborne particles like dust, water, grease, and other abrasive substances that are present in the manufacturing workplace can wear out your surface plate over time. Relatedly, whenever you are not using your granite surface plate keep it covered to help protect it. Rotating the plate periodically can also help ensure that no one area is being used more than another, resulting in more equally dispersed wearing. Perhaps most importantly, do not use your granite surface plate for purposes other than its intended use. It is not a table or workbench and you can avoid unnecessary damage by not using it as one.
The newer ultralight calipers are superior to traditional Vernier calipers in a number of ways. Built using hollow aluminum with steel reinforcement, these tools are extremely lightweight, making them simpler to use and easier to transport. The model makes sure that the tools can be well-guided in measurement and ensures protection from shock. Additionally, the ultralight caliper has consistent pressure control during measurement, which makes the force involved both stable and parallel across both jaws of the tool. This feature is very advantageous because it improves repeatability when measuring larger diameters. The ultralight calipers are made with a titanium coating on surfaces exposed to other parts, helping protect from corrosion and scratching. These tools also come with a digital measurement readout. In general, ultralight calipers allow for the same or greater levels of precision and accuracy as Vernier calipers, with the added advantages of being simpler to use and having much more reliability.

Trimos specializes in precision measurement instruments, accessories, hardware, and software. They sell height gauges, horizontal measurement instruments, surface measurement instruments, portable measuring instruments, and more. The particular height gages they offer include: TVM and V3 through V9. The horizontal measurement instruments they carry are: Tels, Alesta, Horizon Granite, Horizon Setting, Horizon Premium, and Twinner. These tools also come with an available lab component Labconcept or Labconcent Nano. The surface measurement instrument at Trimos is a TR Scan that comes with white light interferometry technology and chromatic confocal microscopy line technology. They also offer a wide range of portable measuring arms depending on your needs to allow for simple and accurate 3D measurement.

Finally, beyond all of these tools, Trimos also carries hand tools, digital indicators, internal measuring instruments, digital scales, measuring probes with digital displays, measuring benches, and measuring stands.

Bowers Group values all of its collaborators, just as Higher Precision values its collaboration with the Bowers Group. In the field of precision measurement, partnerships among different manufacturers and suppliers help to ensure that the customers are provided the tools they need when they need them. Having partnerships allows for worldwide availability, innovative progress in development, and wide-reaching customer service. Bowers Group collaborates with other well-known, leading manufacturers such as Moore & Write, CV Instruments, Baty International, and A Spear & Jackson Company, Sylvac, Gagemaker, Trimos, and Wyler. Through these partnerships, the Bowers Group supplies a huge selection of precision measurement instruments like woodworking tools, gardening equipment, optical projectors, hardness testers, calipers, screwdrivers, and punches, all using the latest technology.
As such a large company, it is important to the Bowers Group to never sacrifice quality for quantity. Part of this mission includes their excellent customer support system. While each tool they sell is built to last a lifetime, the engineers at Bowers understand that any number of things can go wrong and lead to a device not working properly. That is why they offer on-site help from their highly-skilled, manufacturer-trained engineer team. Some of the services that they are able to offer on-site include: checking moving parts and any wear highlighted, linear or point-to-point error checking and correction, full traceable calibration to UKAS when required, thorough strip down, examination, and cleaning of tools, diagnostic checking of electronic readout, and an update from EPROM to any latest software version that is required.
Sylvac SA is a family-based business that strives to produce high-quality precision measurement tools and to stay ahead in offering the newest technology and innovation. With a specialty in microelectronics and micromechanics, Sylvac SA provides a unique array of products and services to its customers. As a company, Sylvac SA goes above and beyond the point of purchase, emphasizing customer care in terms of product troubleshooting and replacement and available customer service. Based in Switzerland, they take the quality that Swiss products are known for and brings it to the world. Their global reach expands to more than 50 countries and their technical and commercial presence is felt worldwide in the metrology industry.
As the only facility in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico that carries a factory certification to perform services, including repairs and calibration, on all of the branded Phase II material testing instruments, Phase II staff prides themselves on their repair services. An experienced and trained team of engineers is at your service to provide quality repairs. All services are fast and dependable, select items come with flat-rate pricing, and a 24-48hr expedited service is also offered. At any time, Phase II has wearable items such as impact devices, diamond styli, calibration fixtures, test blocks, and more on hand in their inventory and available for replacement. All Phase II and Time/Timetrade branded products are supported by a 90-day warranty that covers parts and labor after purchase. For any repair service that you might require, Phase II engineers will submit a quotation to collect either written or verbal approval before performing the repair. This approval includes the projected costs for inspection, repair, and calibration. Finally, all repairs will come with a certificate of conformance.
The Bowers Group prides itself on its expansive list of precision measurement instruments. They offer 64 different bore gauge tools, including digital and large diameter bore gauges, as well as setting rings and microgauge cones. They sell different levelers and hand tools, such as micrometers, gauge sets, ranges, indicators, calipers, protractors, and more. Thread measuring devices like pitch diameters, setting systems, thread rolls, and groove gauges are also available. Instruments for testing hardness, thickness, and roughness, as well as workshop tools like gauge blocks, rulers, tapes, and telescopic sets are sold. In addition, Bowers has a wide selection of height gauges, optical measurement devices, and special applications instruments. If you are unsure of the exact design and specifications that you require for a job, contact Bowers Group to have one of their expert engineers help you decide on the optimal instrument.
The selection of precision measurement products made and distributed by Sylvac SA is extensive. They have connections, like Bluetooth setups, cables, footpedals, and battery packs as well as software including Sylvac Anywhere, Sylcom, and Sylbad BT Smart for Android and iOS. They provide digital indicators, mini digital indicators, digital test indicators, calipers, ultra-light calipers, depth gauges, micrometers, protractors, digital micrometer screws, digital scales, feeler gages, height gages, bore gages, internal measurement instruments, digital display units, inductive measurement probes, capacitive measurement probes, multiplexer units, bench tables, horizontal measuring instruments, optical measurement devices, and a wide range of Bluetooth instruments.
Due to their lightweight structure, ultralight calipers are easier to learn how to use than Vernier calipers. While they are known for having high levels of accuracy and precision, Vernier calipers are also notorious for not having great repeatability and for being difficult to learn how to use. Better measurements from a Vernier caliper require a high level of expertise for the operator. Alternatively, ultralight calipers are much easier to learn because they require less expert use and allow for clearer measurements. They are simpler to align properly and offer a digital measurement readout helping to assure reliability and accuracy.
Trimos is a dimensional measurement company based in Renens, Switzerland. Since its founding in 1972, Trimos has put quality at the heart of its measurement device production and distribution. Building within three central groupings, Trimos specializes at making products that get the job done. The product groups include height gauges, horizontal measuring instruments, and surface measuring instruments. Higher Precision is proud to collaborate with Trimos because of the opportunities they provide to our customers. One of the worldwide leaders in precision measurement instruments, Trimos uses innovative technology to make the best tools. Additionally, Trimos offers a number of services beyond tool production itself including: trainings, after-sale services, troubleshooting, repairs, hardware, software, and tool replacement.
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