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Height Gage

A height gage is a useful precision measurement tool used to measure the height of an object or up to a specific height on an object. Height gages come in a number of sizes, with some being up to 6 feet tall. These tools consist of a main body that stands perpendicular to a solid base. Along the body sits the slider, which moves up and down in order to best position the measuring scriber, as well as the measuring jaw and clamp. By placing the slider at the level you are planning to measure, you can read the scale along the beam to determine the height needed. Height gages come in both manual and digital designs, with an enormous amount of precision attained by the digital versions. Each height gage has a particular type of touch probe that will change depending on the measurement needs of the user. The Brown & Sharpe height gages come with numerous types of available probes. As with all precision measurement tools, it is crucial to properly maintain a height gage so as to avoid wear and damage.

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