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Micrometer measurement

The idea behind using a micrometer as a measurement tool is that this clever device amplifies miniscule distances from impossible to read to computable numbers using screw rotations. Distances that would normally be much too small or far away to precisely measure are no match for the skills of the micrometer. The standard micrometer measurement is broken down to the thousandth decimal place. Each notch on the sleeve corresponds to 0.025 of an inch, while each notch on the thimble corresponds to 0.001 of an inch. When measuring with a micrometer, these two numbers are added together in order to get the total measurement. Proper maintenance of your micrometer is important in order for it to measure accurately. If your micrometer gets too hot or cold, it is possible for the material to expand or contract, respectively. Additionally, normal wear and tear on the micrometer can result in it not being calibrated. Regularly check that your micrometer is calibrated in order to compensate for these issues and to guarantee an accurate measurement.

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