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Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit

The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is a wireless data transmission tool that is built to fit on the back of any Mitutoyo measuring instrument. A smaller version of the Mitutoyo U-Wave-T, the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit can be attached to hand-held devices easily without disrupting the ergonomic feel of the tool. This instrument can transmit measurement data across a 20-meter range, relay information directly into a software application, consumes low amounts of power, and comes with 2.4GHz of wireless. The success or failure of transmitted data is signaled using an LED light or buzzer, and the IP76 transmitter is coolant-, water-, and dust-proof ensuring the secure communication of your measurement data. The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is highly efficient, allows for centralized data management across multiple devices, and results in cost reduction.

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