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The Sylvac Scan 52 Reflex Click

The Sylvac Scan 52 Reflex Click is one subcategory of the new family of Sylvac scans and it comes in two models: the 902.5520—Scan52 and the 902.5521—Scan52 R. Both models share a measurement range of 0.5 + 52mm diameter and 300mm length, a resolution of 0.00001mm diameter and 0.0005mm length, accuracy of 1.5 + D/100μm diameter and 4 + L/100μm length, repeatability of 0.6μm diameter and 2.5μm length, a maximum part weight of 4kg, and a total weight of 103kg. The 902.5520—Scan52 model does not come with the rotary headstock. The 902.5521—Scan52 R does come with a rotary headstock.

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