The aerospace industry concerns the manufacturing of machines built to explore the Earth’s atmosphere and the surrounding space beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. This industry is mainly concerned with the development and production of flight vehicles, as well as the research necessary to properly build and improve upon these designs. Throughout the process of aerospace development, precision measurement is used to create these space-exploring machines.

The machines built to travel into the atmosphere and beyond require regular maintenance in order to assure every part is running precisely and as it should. Additionally, testing of these vehicles is mandatory for proper operation. During general maintenance and testing, aerospace engineers use precision measurement tools to check that each piece that makes up these amazing machines is functioning correctly. This is crucial to the safety of the astronauts who travel within them. No matter what purpose the aerospace machines serve (commercial, industrial, or military), accuracy and refinement are requirements of the trade.

Advancement in the aerospace industry relies on the latest technological trends and the science of measurement. Complex by design, aerospace vehicles are high in value and manufacturing them must be done accurately. A mistake in the aerospace industry is an expensive one. Therefore, using the best precision measurement tools available is the only option to choose for aerospace engineers. For the greater good of technology, for the safety of space travelers, and for the benefit of scientific discovery, precision measurement is highly valued within the aerospace industry.

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