The military is not often thought of as an industry, but that is a piece of its identity. The Army, Navy, and Air Force all must make, use, test, and fix machine equipment each and every day. In this particularly high stakes industry, precision measurement tools are both required and relied upon. In fact, some factions of the military contain a specific unit called the precision measurement equipment laboratory.

Most of the work carried out in the military requires a level of exactness that most might overlook. Every piece of equipment and every machine that is used within military bounds contains an impossible number of working parts where something could go wrong. Therefore, perfection in precision measurement within the military is an absolute necessity. Specialists are hired within the precision measurement equipment laboratory to ensure that every piece of each machine used is functioning properly and precisely. There is no room for error as these professionals do their job, and precision measurement tools are at the heart of their duty.

Constant calibration and testing of equipment used within the military is a daily occurrence. The level of metrology involved is one of the most precise. Whether working on a repair, a calibration, a measurement, a diagnosis, or a test, those engaging in precision measurement on military machines are on high alert and performing some of the best work in the field. Having a working knowledge of mechanics, physics, optics, electronics, and thermal properties is just a part of the work. Using the most advanced and specialized precision measurement tools in the military is imperative.

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