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Higher Precision also carries the following brands of micrometers that are not yet available for online purchase. These brands will be added to our online catalog within the next few months.  If you would like a quote on a specific micrometer of any of the brands listed below, please contact us today.

  • Asimeto Micrometers
  • Mahr Federal Micrometers

Since Brown and Sharpe introduced micrometers to the average machinist in the late 1800s, they have remained one of the most commonly used precision measurement tools in the manufacturing world. The invention of micrometers allowed machinists to do measure small measurements with a great degree of accuracy. Similar to most other precision instruments, micrometers are offered in a variety of different styles, ranges and graduations.

Higher Precision breaks down micrometer into four different main categories: outside micrometers, inside micrometers, depth micrometers and micrometer heads. There are many types of specialty micrometers available for purchase within these four categories of micrometers.

Outside micrometers were originally known as micrometer calipers and are the most common form of this type of measuring instrument. Outside micrometers are used to measure the outside dimension of a workpiece. These micrometers with a range of less than 0-1” or 0-25mm, can be calibrated and check accuracy by closing the anvils of the gage. Once the anvils are fully closed, the gage should be reading 0.

For outside micrometers with a range greater than 0-1” or 0-25mm, the operator must verify that the gage is calibrated and reading correctly against a calibrated gage block or micrometer standard. If the gage is not measuring correctly, most outside micrometers have a simple adjustment or wrench that will allow the operator to correct the problem and have the gage reading correctly. If at any point the operator is questioning whether the gage is reading accurately, he or she can always measure a few different size gage blocks within the range of the gage.

Inside micrometers are commonly used gages when needing to take linear internal measurements. These gages are available in both vernier and electronic styles. This style of micrometers in ranges up to 0-2” or 0-50mm have a unique look to them. These inside micrometers are usually sold with a calibrated setting ring in order to calibrate the gage prior to use. Inside micrometers with ranges greater than 0-2” or 0-25mm are also known as inside tubular micrometers. These types of gages have a series of extensions you need to screw together to a specific length depending on the inside measurement the operator is taking. Inside tubular micrometers must also be mastered prior to use and is most commonly done by using setting rings.

Depth Micrometers: Please see depth gages.

Bore Micrometers: Please see bore gages

Micrometer heads are used for small linear measurements on machine tools, fixtures or custom mountings when the measurement of a movement or adjustment is a critical measurement to make. Micrometer heads are available in both vernier and electronic as well as a wide variety of ranges and graduations. If scratching the workpiece could be an issue, micrometer heads with non-rotating spindles are also available for purchase.

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