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Mitutoyo Bore Gages

Mitutoyo's most popular types of bore gages:

Mitutoyo Dial Cylinder Bore Gages - Series 511
Mitutoyo Borematic Bore Gages - Series 568
Mitutoyo Digimatic Holtest Bore Gages - Series 468
Mitutoyo Holtest Bore Gages - Series 368
Mitutoyo Absolute Digimatic Bore Gages
Mitutoyo Bore Gage Calibration Aids

Mitutoyo is one of the most popular brands of bore gages you will find in machine shop today. Mitutoyo bore gages are manufactured with the finest of materials which ensures a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Mitutoyo is one of the most requested brands of bore gages as many users are attracted the quality, price and availability.

Mitutoyo carries a wide variety of 2-point dial bore gages that are offered with multiple graduations on the dial indicator. The dial bore gages offered by Mitutoyo include the standard type, for small holes, short-leg type, blind hole type, micrometer head style, and for extra small holes. All the different Mitutoyo dial bore gages are offered in both inch and metric with two different graduations (.0005”/.0001” or .01mm/.001mm). Mitutoyo also offers a version without a dial gage for those who prefer to use an electronic indicator. Extensions are readily available for those users who require taking measurements deeper into the bore.

Mitutoyo is known in manufacturing facilities all over the world for their top-of-the-line 3-point bore gages. Mitutoyo offers the Holtest and Holtest Type II mechanical 3-point bore gages that are offered in both inch and metric in a wide variety of ranges. For those who prefer the electronic 3-point bore gages, the Digimatic Holtest and Borematic Snap Open Bore gages are available in both individual ranges as well as large capacity sets. Extensions are available for all the types of 3-point bore gages for uses who are required to measuring deeper into the bores.

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Brand: Mitutoyo

Type of Product: Bore Gage

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