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    45X Centering Scope

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    40-149-7 45X Centering Scope

    The 40-149-7 has a true position accuracy +/- .0001".


    • Enables operator to locate work for drilling, boring, etc, on vertical milling machines, jig borers or drill presses.
    • Edges, lines or punch marks on work piece can be quickly located or centered relative to the axis of the machine spindle.
    • To use, simply place instrument in machine, locate lines on work to match crosshair lines in viewing aperature.
    • Knurled sleeve on lower end of scope is turned to compensate for misalignment.
    • The work layout intersection is now in the exact center of the spindle axis, ready for cutting tool.
    • Cross hair reticle for use as reference of X and Y axis.
    • Overall height: 3" Shank diameter 3/8".
    • Field of view 1/8" Working distance 1" from lens.

    The 40-379-0 eyepiece angle is 60 degrees.

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