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    Light Line Marking Protractors

    Range: 8"/200mm

    Graduations: .001" & 1 Degree

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    Product Description

    52-441-200 Fowler Light Line Marking Protractor: 8"/200mm

    The Fowler 52-441-200 Light Line Marking Protractor has the following specifications:

    • Range: 8"/200mm
    • Graduations: .001"
    • Angular Graduations: 1 Degree

    The Light Line Marking Protractor combines the features of a marking gage with those of a protractor. Graduated in four 0-90° quadrants and 0.001". Made of black anodized aluminum with high contrast white numbering. It can also be used as a depth gage for simple depth measurements. A raised base enables the use of an edge as a reference.


    • Full aluminum construction, black anodized
    • High contrast white numbering
    • 2 positive locks for setting and holding readings and angles
    • Available in 8"/200mm and 12"/300mm
    • Main body is offset for marking from an edge reference
    • Etched in inch graduations and 0-90° in four quadrants
    • Graduated in 1° increments and 0.001"
    • Light weight for easy handling
    • Completely made in Germany

    Fowler Light Line Marking Protractors:

    • 52-441-200 Light Line Marking Protractor: 8"/200mm
    • 52-441-300 Light Line Marking Protractor: 12"/300mm
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