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Electronic Bevel Gages

Range: 0-.250"/8mm

Graduations: .0002"/.005mm

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Product Description

250-SPC Barcor Electronic Bevel Gage: 0-.250″/8mm

The Barcor 250-SPC Electronic Bevel Gage has the following specifications:

  • Range: 0-.250″/8mm
  • Resolution: .0002″/.005mm
  • Accuracy: +/- .001″/.01mm

Instantly read the width of chamfers and bevels on straight and circular edges… direct to .001″. The gage operates against independent springs, operator feel and judgement is greatly reduced or eliminated. For straight edge measurement, no master is necessary. For curved pieces, use a part with a “zero” radius or chamfer, to set the “zero” on the gage, or use a qualified part.

Common uses for bevel gages:

  • Sheet metal work for aircraft chassis panels, electrical chassis, etc.
  • Welding bevels
  • Chamfers on large circular parts, on BOTH I.D. and O.D. …large castings, fittings, valve bodies
  • Die blocks and forming blocks
  • O-Ring groove corner radii
  • Precision arcs in molds and on punches

Barcor Bevel Gages:

  • 250   Barcor Dial Bevel Gage: 0-.250″
  • 1120 Barcor Dial Bevel Gage: 0-.500″
  • 250-M   Barcor Dial Bevel Gage: 0-8mm
  • 1120-M Barcor Dial Bevel Gage: 0-13mm
  • 250-SPC   Barcor Electronic Bevel Gage: 0-.250″/8mm
  • 1120-SPC Barcor Electronic Bevel Gage: 0-.500″/13mm

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