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  • Product Code: #54-367-022

    XTD3 Electronic Holemike # 54-367-022

    Range/Size: 1.375"-2"/35-50mm

    Graduation: .00005"/.001mm

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    Product Description

    ******************************DISCONTINUED PRODUCT******************************

    The Fowler 54-367-022 XTD3 Electronic Holemike has now been discontinued and replaced by the new Fowler XTD3 Bluetooth Electronic Holemike Set: 54-367-022-BT

    54-367-022 Fowler XTD3 Electronic Holemike - 3-Point Head: 1.00-1.375"/25-35mm

    The Fowler 54-367-022 XTD3 Electronic Holemike has the following specifications:

    • Range: 1.00-1.375"/25-35mm
    • Resolution: .00005"/.001mm
    • Accuracy: +/- .00015"/0.004mm
    • Depth: 3.15"/80mm

    The new Fowler XTD3 Electronic Holemike sets have been arriving from Bowers Metrology in England over the past few months and are now available for online purchase. The new XTD3 holemike sets will be slowly phasing out the older XTD models once stock has been depleted. All of the new XTD3 electronic holemike bore gages will be compatible with any of the XT accessories such as replacement heads, rings or extensions. The XTD3 generation includes four presets, a larger display and more ergonomic design as well as Bluetooth capability.

    The 54-367-022 XTD3 Electronic Holemike Set consists of the following:

    • 54-342-018 Fowler XT Head: 1.375-2"/35-50mm
    • 54-332-010 Fowler XT Setting Ring: 1.375"/35mm
    • 54-367-552 Fowler XTD3 Electronic Holemike Readout: .750-2"/20-50mm


    • Larger (10mm) easier to read swivel display
    • Self centering heads
    • USB connectivity, Bluetooth is available
    • Four preset memories
    • Fixed anvils
    • Tungsten carbide measuring faces on all 3-point heads from .5" (12.5mm) and up.
    • Heads with special anvils available for threads, splines slot, etc.
    • Sizes over .500" (12.5mm) feature blind bore capability
    • Setting rings included in all sets
    • Includes UKAS certificates for all pistol grip, heads and rings
    • Special anvils available

    Fowler XTD3 Electronic Holemikes - 2-Point Head - Inch/Metric:

    • 54-367-003 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: .080"-.100"/2-2.5mm
    • 54-367-004 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: .100"-.120"/2.5-3mm
    • 54-367-005 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: .120"-.160"/3-4mm
    • 54-367-006 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: .160"-.200"/4-5mm
    • 54-367-007 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: .200"-.250"/5-6mm

    Fowler XTD3 Electronic Holemikes - 3-Point Head - Inch/Metric:

    • 54-367-008 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: .250"-.312"/6-8mm
    • 54-367-011 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: .312"-.375"/8-10mm
    • 54-367-012 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: .375"-.500"/10-12.5mm
    • 54-367-014 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: .500"-.625"/12.5-16mm
    • 54-367-016 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: .625"-.750"/16-20mm
    • 54-367-018 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: .750"-1"/20-25mm
    • 54-367-021 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: 1"-1.375"/25-35mm
    • 54-367-022 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: 1.375"-2"/35-50mm
    • 54-367-024 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: 2"-2.625"/50-65mm
    • 54-367-026 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: 2.625"-3.250"/65-80mm
    • 54-367-028 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: 3.250"-4"/65-100mm
    • 54-367-030 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: 4"-5"/100-125mm
    • 54-367-032 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: 5"-6"/125-150mm
    • 54-367-034 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: 6"-7"/150-175mm
    • 54-367-036 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: 7"-8"/175-200mm
    • 54-367-037 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: 8"-9"/200-225mm
    • 54-367-038 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: 9"-10"/225-250mm
    • 54-367-039 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: 10"-11"/250-275mm
    • 54-367-040 XTD3 Electronic Holemike: 11"-12"/275-300mm

    Fowler-Bowers XTD3 Large Capacity Electronic Holemike Sets - Inch/Metric:

    • 54-367-000 XTD3 Large Capacity Electronic Holemike Set: .080"-.250"/2-6mm
    • 54-367-010 XTD3 Large Capacity Electronic Holemike Set: .250"-.375"/6-10mm
    • 54-367-020 XTD3 Large Capacity Electronic Holemike Set: .375"-.750"/10-20mm
    • 54-367-050 XTD3 Large Capacity Electronic Holemike Set: .750"-2"/20-50mm
    • 54-367-100 XTD3 Large Capacity Electronic Holemike Set: 2-4"/50-100mm
    • 54-367-105 XTD3 Large Capacity Electronic Holemike Set: 4-6"/100-150mm
    • 54-367-110 XTD3 Large Capacity Electronic Holemike Set: 6-8"/150-200mm
    • 54-367-200 XTD3 Large Capacity Electronic Holemike Set: 4-8"/100-200mm

    The Fowler/Bowers 54-367-022 XTD3 Electronic Holemike Set will be replacing the 54-366-022 XTD Electronic Holemike Set once stock has been depleted.

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