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PRODUCT CODE: 52-646-250

Right Angle Dial Bore Gage Set

Range: 2-6"

Graduation: .0005"

Price: $315.38 $299.00
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Product Description

52-646-250 Fowler Right Angle Dial Bore Gage Set: 2-6″

The Fowler 52-646-250 Right Angle Dial Bore Gage has the following specifications:

  • Range: 2-6″
  • Graduations: .0005″


  • Carbide anvils
  • Easily adjustable
  • Self-centering
  • Insulated grip
  • Chrome plated handle
  • Includes removable posts and spacers
  • Includes 2″ Contact Extension
  • Includes a fitted case

The Fowler dial bore gages are accurate, repeatable, durable and offered at great prices. The Fowler dial bore gages are extremely popular with hobby machinists as well as mechanics and becoming some of the most popular bore gages in the automotive industry.  The two-point contact allows users to measure their parts or cylinders and easily check for ovality or out of roundness.  The Fowler dial bore gages are great quality but have to be set to a master prior to use.  Setting rings are the best and most accurate way to set/calibrate a bore gage before using but setting rings can expensive if you are measuring multiple bore sizes.  Many times a larger setting ring can cost more than the bore gage itself.  Most users will use micrometers to set/calibrate the dial bore gage prior to using.  When using a micrometer to set your bore gage, we recommend putting the micrometer in a vice or a stand to keep it stationary and the calibration procedure will go much smoother.  Fowler now offers some bore gage setting master kits to be able to set you bore gage quickly and easily.  The setting master kits are ideal if you will be using your Fowler bore gage throughout the complete range of the product.    

Optional Bore Gage Setting Master Kits:

Dial Bore Gage Sets:

  • 52-646-600 Xtra-Range Dial Bore Gage Set: 4-12″
  • 52-646-250 Right Angle Dial Bore Gage Set: 2-6″

Xtender Dial Bore Gage Sets:

  • 52-646-400 X-Tender Dial Bore Gage Set: 1.4-6.0″ (.0005″)
  • 52-646-500 X-Tender Dial Bore Gage Set: 1.4-6.0″ (.0001″)
  • 52-646-220 X-Tender Dial Bore Gage Set: 35-150mm
  • 54-646-401 X-Tender-E Electronic Dial Bore Gage Set: 1.4-6.0″/35-150mm


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