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PRODUCT CODE: 54-332-016

XT Setting Ring # 54-332-016

Diameter: 9.0"/225mm

Price: $1234.09 $1135.37
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Product Description

54-332-016 Fowler XT Setting Ring: 9″/225mm

The Fowler 54-332-016 XT Setting Ring has the following specifications:

  • Size: 9.0″/225mm
  • Classification: Class X
  • Certificate Included: UKAS


  • Class: X
  • Manufactured in England by Bowers Metrology
  • Setting rings include a UKAS Certificate
  • Used to calibrate and set XTA Holemikes, XTD3 Electronic Holemikes and XTH3 Pistol Grip Bore Gages
  • Custom size setting rings are avaible upon request

The 54-332-016 setting ring is used to calibrate the following Fowler XT heads:

  • 54-342-026 Fowler/Bowers XT Head: 8-9″/200-225mm
  • 54-342-027 Fowler/Bowers XT Head: 9-10″/225-250mm

Fowler/Bowers XT Setting Rings:

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