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PRODUCT CODE: 54-551-501

MicroGage Depth Stops

Range: .037"-.061"/0.95 - 1.55mm

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Product Description

54-551-501 Fowler MicroGage Depth Stops: .037″-.061″/0.95-1.55mm

The Fowler 54-551-501 MicroGage Depth Stops has the following specifications:

  • Compatible with: .037″-.061″/0.95-1.55mm
  • This depth stop is only compatible with MicroGage Bore Gages

The new Fowler-Bowers MicroGage 2-point bore gaging system has been designed specifically for the measurement of small bores between 1.0 – 6.0 mm. The measuring heads are equipped with spherical, split-ball, hard-chromed contact points and are set in appropriate setting rings. The MicroGage system is available as individual instruments or as full sets. All setting rings are supplied as standard with UKAS certification.

  • System range : .037″ – .061″/0.95 – 1.55mm
  • New slimline digital display
  • Switchable resolution 0.01/0.001/0.0005mm
  • Simple 2-button operation
  • Data output : RS232 / USB proximity sensor
  • Linearity : Diameter 1.0 – 1.5 max 2% of measuring travel, min 0.001 mm.Diameter 1.5 – 6 max 1% of measuring travel, min 0.001mm
  • Repeatability : 0.001mm
  • Available as individual instruments or sets.
  • UKAS-certificates as standard with all setting rings
  • Hard-chromed ball-contacts

Individual Depth Stop:

  • 54-551-501: Compatible with .037″-.061″/0.95-1.55mm
  • 54-551-502: Compatible with .060″-.096″/1.50-2.45mm
  • 54-551-503: Compatible with .089″-.167″/2.25-4.25mm
  • 54-551-504: Compatible with .144″-.250″/3.65-6.35mm

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