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  • Product Code: #52-646-220

    Extender Dial Bore Gage Set - Metric

    Range/Size: 35-160mm

    Graduations: .01mm

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    Product Description

    52-646-220 Fowler Extender Dial Bore Gage Set: 35-160mm

    The Fowler 52-646-220 has the following specifications:

    • Range: 35-160mm
    • Graduations: .01mm

    Need a way to calibrate the Fowler 52-646-220 Extender Dial Bore Gage Set?

    • 53-646-010 Metric Bore Gage Setting Master Kit: 0-150mm


    • Carbide anvils
    • Easy to read
    • Easily adjustable for bore measurement throughout the range
    • Self-centering
    • Insulated grip
    • Chrome plated handle
    • Includes removable posts and spacers
    • Includes extension holder and fitted case

    Fowler's Extender series of dial bore gage sets are becoming one of the most requested dial bore gages in the industry today. The Extender series includes two of the most popular ranges of bore gages all included in one set. Why pay for two bore gages when you don't have to?

    Dial Bore Gage Sets:

    Extender Dial Bore Gage Sets:

    • 52-646-400 X-Tender Dial Bore Gage Set: 1.4-6.0" (.0005")
    • 52-646-500 X-Tender Dial Bore Gage Set: 1.4-6.0" (.0001")
    • 52-646-220 X-Tender Dial Bore Gage Set: 35-150mm

    Xtra-Range Dial Bore Gage Set:

    Extender-E Electronic Dial Bore Gage Set:

    • 54-646-401 Extender-E Electronic Dial Bore Gage Set: 1.4-6.0"/35-150mm

    Right Angle Dial Bore Gage Set:

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