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  • Product Code: #6313-5H16

    Setting Ring - # 6313-5H16

    Diameter: 5/16" DIA

    Setting Ring: 1/16" - 12"

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    Product Description

    6313-5H16 Insize Setting Ring: 5/16"

    The Insize 6313-5H16 Setting Ring has the following specifications:

    • Diameter: 5/16"
    • Setting Ring: 1/16" - 12"


    • For zero setting of inside micrometers, three points internal micrometers and bore gages.
    • Deviation is the difference between the ordered size and the size marked on the setting ring when supplied.For example, the ordered size is .2", the size marked on the setting ring when supplied may be .20008".

    Insize Setting Rings:

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