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  • Product Code: #6313-0H35

    Setting Ring # 6313-OH35

    Range/Size: .350"

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    Product Description

    6313-OH35 (EDP 282481) Setting Ring: .350" Diameter

    The 6313-OH35 has an accuracy of +/- .000040"


    • Deviation (difference between the ordered size and the size marked on the setting ring when supplied):
      • +/- .00012" for .1180-3.9370"
      • +/- .00020" for 3.9370-11.8110"
    • Meets ANSI/AMSE B89 specifications
    • Accuracy class X (for example, the size marked on the setting ring is .2", the accuracy is .2" +/- .000040")
    • Supplied in fitted storage case

    The 6313-OH35 is used for calibrating inside micrometers, three point internal micrometers, and bore gages.

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