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  • Product Code: #S770BXTFZ

    Electronic Bore Gage Set # S770BXTFZ

    Range: 2-4"/50-100mm

    Resolution: .00005"/.001mm

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    Product Description

    S770BXTFZ Starrett 770BXT Electronic Bore Gage Set: 2.00-4.00"/50-100mm

    The Starrett S770BXTFZ Electronic Bore Gage Set has the following specifications:

    • Range: 2.00-4.00"/50-100mm
    • Resolution: .00005"/.001mm
    • Accuracy: .0002"/.005mm
    • Measuring Depth: See Individual Ranges

    770BXT Electronic Internal Micrometers provide IP67 level of protection against coolant, water, dirt and dust in hostile shop environments. In addition, they offer extended travel, reducing the need to exchange anvils.

    The Starrett S770BXTFZ Electronic Bore Gage Set is made up of the following:

    • Electronic Readout
    • Measuring Head: 2.00-2.625"/50-65mm
    • Measuring Head: 2.625-3.25"/65-80mm
    • Measuring Head: 3.25-4.00"/80-100mm
    • Setting Ring: 2.625"/65.68mm
    • Setting Ring: 3.250"/82.55mm


    • Wide measurement range without changing anvils
    • IP67 Protected
    • Large high-contrast LCD digital readout is easy to read and reduces error
    • Carbide measuring faces on sizes above 1/2" (12.5mm) diameter
    • Extensions available for deep holes
    • Includes instant inch/millimeter conversion and preset + and - functions
    • Precision ratchet stop provides correct contact pressure for accurate readings
    • Each micrometer bore gage with head comes with a wooden case, complete with setting ring, contacts, adjusting wrench, spare battery, and instructions

    Starrett 770BXT Electronic Bore Gages:


    • S770BXTBZ 2-Pt Electronic Bore Gage Set: .080-.250"/2-6mm
    • S770BXTCZ 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage Set: .250-.375"/6-10mm
    • S770BXTDZ 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage Set: .375-.750"/10-20mm
    • S770BXTEZ 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage Set: .750-2.00"/20-50mm
    • S770BXTFZ 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage Set: 2.00-4.00"/50-100mm
    • S770BXTKZ 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage Set: 4.00-6.00"/100-150mm
    • S770BXTGZ 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage Set: 4.00-8.00"/100-200mm
    • S770BXTLZ 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage Set: 6.00-8.00"/150-200mm

    Individual Ranges:

    • 770BXTZ-100 2-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: .080-.100"/2.0-2.5mm
    • 770BXTZ-120 2-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: .100-.120"/2.5-3.0mm
    • 770BXTZ-160 2-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: .120-.160"/3-4mm
    • 770BXTZ-200 2-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: .160-.200"/4-5mm
    • 770BXTZ-250 2-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: .200-.250"/5-6mm
    • 770BXTZ-312 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: .250-.312"/6-8mm
    • 770BXTZ-375 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: .312-.375"/8-10mm
    • 770BXTZ-500 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: .375-.500"/10-12.5mm
    • 770BXTZ-625 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: .500-.625"/12.5-16mm
    • 770BXTZ-750 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: .625-.750"/16-20mm
    • 770BXTZ-1    3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: .750-1.00"/20-25mm
    • 770BXTZ-138 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: 1.00-1.375"/25-35mm
    • 770BXTZ-2    3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: 1.375-2.00"/35-50mm
    • 770BXTZ-258 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: 2.00-2.625"/50-65mm
    • 770BXTZ-314 3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: 2.625-3.25"/65-80mm
    • 770BXTZ-4    3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: 3.25-4.00"/80-100mm
    • 770BXTZ-5    3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: 4.00-5.00"/100-125mm
    • 770BXTZ-6    3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: 5.00-6.00"/125-150mm
    • 770BXTZ-7    3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: 6.00-7.00"/150-175mm
    • 770BXTZ-8    3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: 7.00-8.00"/175-200mm
    • 770BXTZ-9    3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: 8.00-9.00"/200-225mm
    • 770BXTZ-10  3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: 9.00-10.0"/225-250mm
    • 770BXTZ-11  3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: 10.0-11.0"/250-275mm
    • 770BXTZ-12  3-Pt Electronic Bore Gage: 11.0-12.0"/275-300mm
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