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PRODUCT CODE: 54-554-730

Xtra-Value Electronic Inside Caliper Gage

Range: 0.5-6"/12.5-150mm

Graduations: .01", .1mm, 1/64th

Price: $56.21 $47.00
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Product Description

54-556-730 Fowler Xtra-Value Inside Caliper Gage: 0-6″/150mm

The Fowler 54-554-730 Xtra-Value Inside Caliper Gage has the following specifications:

  • Inside/Internal
  • Range: 0.5-6″/12.5-150mm
  • Resolution: .01″/.1mm/1/64th
  • Accuracy: .01″/.3mm/1/64th


  • Measuring in Inch/Metric/Fraction
  • Battery: CR20332
  • Robust housing
  • Large LCD display
  • Spring loaded with locking nut

Fowler X-Series Caliper Gages:

  • 54-554-630 Outside Caliper Gage
  • 54-554-730 Inside Caliper Gage
  • 54-554-830 Digital Thickness Gage (outside)

A short video on the Fowler 54-554-730 Xtra-Value Electronic Inside Caliper Gage:

  • What is included with the gage
  • Quick product overview


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