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  • Product Code: #209-402

    External Dial Caliper Gages - Metric

    Range/Size: 0-5mm

    Graduations: 0.005mm

    Price: $705.00 $606.30
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    Product Description

    209-402 Mitutoyo Dial Caliper Gage - External Type: 0-10mm

    The Mitutoyo 209-402 Dial Caliper Gage has the following specifications:

    • Range: 0-10mm
    • Graduation: 0.005mm
    • Accuracy: 0.015mm
    • Max. Measuring Depth L: 35mm
    • Length Hb: 19.1mm
    • Measuring Contact Type: K/K
    • Size: 1.5mm
    • Mass: 240g lbs

    Mitutoyo Dial Caliper Gages - External Type - Metric:

    • 209-402 Dial Caliper Gage: 0-10mm
    • 209-403 Dial Caliper Gage: 0-10mm
    • 209-404 Dial Caliper Gage: 0-20mm
    • 209-405 Dial Caliper Gage: 0-20mm
    • 209-406 Dial Caliper Gage: 0-20mm
    • 209-407 Dial Caliper Gage: 0-20mm
    • 209-603 Dial Caliper Gage: 0-10mm
    • 209-843 Dial Caliper Gage: 0-10mm
    • 209-911 Dial Caliper Gage: 0-50mm
    • 209-912 Dial Caliper Gage: 0-50mm
    • 209-921 Dial Caliper Gage: 0-50mm

    Mitutoyo Dial Caliper Gages - External Type - Inch:

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