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  • Product Code: #1202F-8

    Dial Caliper # 1202F-8

    Range/Size: 0-8" Fractional

    Graduations: 1/64th


    Product Description

    1202F-8 Dial Caliper: 0-8"

    The 1202F-8 dial caliper has graduations of 1/64".

    For many applications, the dimension being checked is specified as a fraction. Since dial calipers display measurements as decimals, the person doing the measurement must convert the decimal readout from the dial into a fraction – inconvenient at best, and sometimes leading to errors. The Starrett 1202F solves this problem.

    The 1202F shows measurements as fractions on the yellow outer scale with 1/64th inch graduations, and decimal measurements on the white inner scale with 1/100th inch graduations.


    • 1/64" graduations on the yellow outer scale, and .01" on the white inner scale
    • Except for dial graduation and color, 1202F calipers have the same features as other 1202 Series dial calipers.
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