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  • Product Code: #B5000BZ-24/600

    Carbon Fiber Caliper # B5000BZ-24/600

    Range/Size: 0-24"/600mm

    Graduations: .0005"/.01mm

    Price: $2,228.00

    Product Description

    B5000BZ-24/600 Electronic Caliper: 0-24"/600mm

    The B5000BZ-24/600 is made of carbon fiber construction which significantly reduces weight, improving maneuverability.

    Features & Specifications:

    • Titanium coated stainless steel outside measurements jaws for long life and superior flatness
    • Coolant resistant
    • Two Preset Modes, REF I and REF II, allow setting one mode to a setting master and a second to a zero setting
    • Full-featured, sophisticated electronics with RS232 output
    • Ideal for use with Starrett DataSure® Wireless Data Collection Systems using a 1500-3A-1N end node
    • Will also transmit to PC through cable PT62606
    • When RS232 cable is installed, mm/inch button functions as a send button
    • Single CR2032 lithium battery provides over a year of normal use
    • Clamping screw
    • Protective wooden case
    • Resolution: 0.0005"/0.01mm

    5000 & 5002 Only:

    • mm/inch mode button
    • On/Off button
    • Hold Feature will freeze the display when in REF I or REF II mode

    5001 Only:

    • Mode & Set buttons
    • Min/Max mode displays values referenced from the preset value of the REF mode the tool is in when entering MIN/MAX
    • Tolerance mode to set upper and lower measurement tolerances
    • Larger display with more information

    If you have any questions on the B5000BZ-24/600 or would like to see if this gage will fit your application please contact our inside sales department.

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