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  • Product Code: #EC799BSCU

    SmartCable to USB

    Length: 6'

    Compatible With: EC799B Series of Digital Calipers

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    Product Description

    EC799BSCU Starrett SmartCable to USB

    The Starrett EC799BSCU SmartCable to USB has the following specifications:

    • Length: 6'
    • Connects To: USB Port Replicating RS232
    • For Use With: EC799B Series Digital Calipers
    • EDP: 46002

    EC799BSCU SmartCable USB - RS232 Output, makes it fast and easy to connect a measuring tool to a PC. Software wedge or other intermediary software is required.


    • Simple Set-up, your PC automatically installs USB driver when the SmartCable is plugged into PC's USB port
    • Supports USB 2.0, RS232
    • Simple plug and play set up - doesn't require software configuration 
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