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  • Product Code: #534022

    Value Model Electronic Caliper # 00534022

    Range/Size: 0-12"/300mm

    Graduation: .0005"/.01mm

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    Product Description

    00534022 (EDP 47365) Standard Gage Electronic Caliper Value Model: 0-12"/300mm


    • Stainless steel frame
    • Thumbwheel for rapid setting
    • Direct Inch/Metric conversion
    • Large easy-to-read LCD display
    • Inspection report included
    • Supplied with molded case

    The 00534022 electronic caliper has an accuracy of .0015"/.04mm.

    Below is the list of Standard Gage Electronic Calipers:

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    • 00534020 Electronic Caliper: 0-6"/150mm
    • 00534021 Electronic Caliper: 0-8"/200mm
    • 00534022 Electronic Caliper: 0-12"/300mm
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