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    Heavy Duty Dial Calipers with Extended Jaws

    Range/Size: 0-12"

    Accuracy: +/- .002"

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    Product Description

    52-025-012 Heavy Duty Dial Caliper: 0-12".

    The Fowler 52-025-012 Heavy Duty Dial Caliper with Extended has the following specifications :

    • Range: 0-12"
    • Accuracy: +/- .002"
    • Dial Graduations: .001"
    • Jaw length of 3.5?
    • Internal Jaw: 0.35"

    Fine design and sturdy construction ensure a long life of reliable and accurate service in these heavy-duty calipers.

    Check out our detailed video on How To Use A Dial Caliper: Click Here

    Special Features:

    • Oversized dial with microfine graduations for easy reading.
    • Inside, outside and depth measurement; "knife edge" top jaws for measuring threads, slots, recesses and similar work. Inside measurements are obtained by use of the nibs on the bottom jaws.
    • Beam is satin chrome finished.
    • Extra long jaws.
    • Hardened stainless steel throughout; measuring faces are ground and microlapped for exceptional accuracy.
    • Knurled lock assures precise settings.
    • Adjustable dial reads to .001" in inch series or .05mm in metric series.
    • Raised sliding surface prevents wear and defacement of graduations.
    • Available in inch or metric models.
    • Beam features large, clear graduations.
    • Accuracy: .001" per 6 inches (inch series) or .05mm per 150mm (metric series).
    • All sizes feature thumbroll adjustment.
    • Includes deluxe fitted case.

    Special Features:

    • Cross jaws for direct internal measurements.
    • Large, One-Rev dial
    • .100" range per revolution
    • Graduation: .001"
    • 4-way measurement
    • Longer jaws permit greater accessibility.
    • Thumbroll for precise control.
    • Furnished with case.

    Fowler Heavy Duty Dial Calipers with Extended Jaws:

    • 52-025-012 Heavy Duty Dial Caliper with Extended Jaws: 0-12?
    • 52-025-013 Heavy Duty Dial Caliper with Extended Jaws:  0-150mm
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