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  • Product Code: #52-008-708

    Machinist Grade Shockproof Dial Caliper # 52-008-708

    Range/Size: 0-8"

    Graduations: .001"

    Price: $114.08 $100.39
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    Product Description

    52-008-708 Fowler Machinist Grade Dial Caliper: 0-8" (white face)

    The Fowler 52-008-708 Machinist Grade Dial Caliper has the following specifications :

    • Range: 0-8"
    • Accuracy: +/- .0015"
    • Graduations: 001"
    • Dial Face: White

    Check out our detailed video on How To Use A Dial Caliper: Click Here


    • 4-way measuring
    • Solid stainless steel construction
    • Silky smooth movement throughout.
    • .100"/2mm range per revolution
    • .001"/.02mm reading dial face
    • Tough shockproof design
    • Supplied in shop-hardened case.

    The Fowler 52-008-708 Dial Caliper is one of Fowler's best selling calipers and is commonly found in the Fowler Tool-A-Thon catalog.  The Fowler machinist grade dial calipers are robust and durable and give silky smooth movement for more consistent readings.  Do not let the low prices fool you, the Fowler Machinist Grade Dial Calipers are a great quality measuring instrument. 

    Fowler Machinist Grade Dial Calipers:

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    • 52-008-714 Machinist Grade Dial Caliper: 0-4" (Black Dial Face)
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    • 52-008-707 Machinist Grade Dial Caliper: 0-6" (Black Dial Face
    • 52-008-708 Machinist Grade Dial Caliper: 0-8" (White Dial Face)
    • 52-008-712 Machinist Grade Dial Caliper: 0-12" (White Dial Face)
    • 52-008-709 Machinist Grade Dial Caliper: 0-150mm (Yellow Dial Face)

    A short video on the Fowler 52-008-708 Machinist Grade Dial Caliper:

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