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Spring Hermaphrodite Caliper

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52-110-004 Fowler Spring Hermaphrodite Caliper 4″

The Fowler 52-110-004 Spring Hermaphrodite Caliper 4″ has the following specifications:

  • Size: 4″
  • Type: Spring Hermaphrodite

Fowler’s Spring Calipers and Dividers are fully hardened with tempered joints, springs and washers. Styles feature either a solid nut or quick nut.


  • Ends fully rounded on Outside/Inside Spring Calipers and Spring Hermaphrodite Calipers.
  • Outside Spring Calipers meet Federal Specification Type II, Class I. Inside Spring Calipers meet Federal Specification Type I, Class I.
  • Quick, positive adjustment.
  • Spring Dividers meet Federal Specification Type A, Class 2 and supplied with a plastic point protector. Points fully hardened/tempered. High carbon steel legs heat treated.
  • Adjustment screw centrally located; legs are well balanced with uniform tension.
  • Polished natural steel finish.

Spring Hermaphrodite Calipers

  • 52-110-004: 4″ Spring Hermaphrodite Caliper
  • 52-110-006: 6″ Spring Hermaphrodite Caliper

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