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PRODUCT CODE: 54-110-512

Fowler-Sylvac Ultralight IV Electronic Calipers

Range/Size: 0-15"/400mm

Resolution: .0005"/0.01mm

Price: $2175.37 $2025.20
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Product Description

54-110-512 Fowler-Sylvac Ultralight IV Electronic Bluetooth Caliper: 0-15″/400mm

The Fowler-Sylvac 54-110-512 has the following specifications:

  • Range: 0-15″/400mm
  • Resolution: .0005″/.01mm
  • Maximum Error: .0012″/.030mm
  • Repeatability: .0008″/.020mm
  • Measuring Force: 5 – 10 N
  • Preset Max: +/-9999.99 mm / +/-399.9995 IN
  • Weight: 1.5 kg

The 54-110-512 Fowler-Sylvac Ultralight IV Electronic Caliper was introduced to the US market is May of 2015. The new and imporved Ultralight series by Sylvac is IP67 protected and has a great new design with built-in bluetooth communication.


  • Connection: Bluetooth Smart/Proximity – RS232 or – USB
  • New reinforced frame
  • XXL display with .79″/20mm high digits
  • Increased accuracy
  • Lengthened jaws 7.9″/200mm
  • New system for internal measurement
  • Protected to IP67
  • Moveable left jaw
  • Stainless steel titanium coated jaws
  • Hold feature
  • Preset function
  • Min/Max functions
  • Tolerance mode
  • Internal and external measurement indicator
  • New twin guided main beam

Fowler/Sylvac Ultralight IV Electronic Calipers:

  • 54-110-512 Ultralight IV Electronic Caliper: 0-15″/400mm
  • 54-110-524 Ultralight IV Electronic Caliper: 0-24″/600mm
  • 54-110-540 Ultralight IV Electronic Caliper: 0-40″/1000mm
  • 54-110-560 Ultralight IV Electronic Caliper: 0-60″/1500mm
  • 54-110-580 Ultralight IV Electronic Caliper: 0-80″/2000mm

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