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  • Product Code: #52-249-007

    Caliper Jaw Attachments Complete Set # 52-249-007

    Max Caliper Jaw Thickness: 0.135"

    Material: stainless steel

    Price: $73.61 $64.78
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    Product Description

    52-249-007 Fowler Caliper Jaw Attachments: Complete Set 

    The Fowler 52-249-007 Caliper Jaw Attachment: Complete Set has the following specifications:

    • Clamps on to caliper jaws, allows attachment of standard micrometer anvils
    • Used alone or in pairs
    • Contacts can be mixed or offset for unique applications
    • Max. caliper jaw thickness 0.135"
    • Made of stainless steel

    Fowler Caliper Jaw Attachments:

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