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PRODUCT CODE: 00530448

TWIN-CAL IP67 Caliper # 00530448

Range/Size: 10"/250mm

Price: $594 $546.48
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Product Description

00530448 TWIN-CAL IP67, with Rotary Stop Plate: 10″/250mm

The 00530448 is Swiss Made.


  • Same wireless capabilities as other TWIN-CAL models.
  • IP67 protection ensures durability.

The 00530448 is designed for specialized measuring applications.

Below is the list of Brown and Sharpe TWIN-CAL IP67 Calipers:

Individual TWIN-CAL IP67 Calipers:

  • 00530423 Electronic Caliper: 12″/300mm
  • 00530433 Electronic Caliper: 12″/300mm
  • 00530443 Electronic Caliper: 12″/300mm
  • 00530448 Electronic Caliper: 10″/250mm
  • 00530473 Electronic Caliper: 12″/300mm

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