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  • Product Code: #00590303

    Twin-Cal IP67 Electronic Caliper # 00590303

    Range/Size: 0-6"/150mm

    Graduation: .0005"/.01mm

    Price: $199.00 $185.00

    Product Description

    00590303 TWIN-CAL IP67 Electronic Caliper: 0-6"/150mm

    The 00590303 Twin-Cal IP67 Electronic Caliper has the following specifications:

    • Range: 0-6"/150mm
    • Resolution: .0005"/.001mm
    • Thumb Roller: Yes
    • Depth Rod: Squared

    The TWIN-CAL calipers are manufactured with a built-in output connectivity feature. Just connect the "plug and play" connector to the 00590303 caliper and the USB to a computer with DATA-DIRECT software. All measuring data can be easily retrieved and analyzed for SPC monitoring.


    • This model has a standard square depth rod
    • Highest IP67 protection against dust and liquids, even connected by cable
    • Largest LCD screen ever with 7/16 IN digits
    • More than 12,000 hours battery life (3 years)
    • ABS measuring mode
    • Unique TWIN & LINK wireless connectivity built into every TWIN-CAL caliper
    • Featuring "Soft touch" for a better grip and maximum sensitivity
    • Stainless steel plate cover with PVD deposit ensuring an optimal protection of the housing

    Below is the list of Brown and Sharpe Twin-Cal IP67 Electronic Calipers:

    • 00590302 Twin-Cal IP67 Electronic Caliper: 0-6"/150mm (rounded depth bar)
    • 00590303 Twin-Cal IP67 Electronic Caliper: 0-6"/150mm
    • 00590304 Twin-Cal IP67 Electronic Caliper: 0-8"/200mm
    • 00590305 Twin-Cal IP67 Electronic Caliper: 0-12"/300mm

    The 00590303 TWIN-CAL electronic caliper is made in Switzerland.

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