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  • Product Code: #52-088-048

    Ultra Aluminum Parallex Free Vernier Caliper # 52-088-048

    Range/Size: 0-48"/1200mm

    Graduations: .001"/.02mm

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    Product Description

    The Fowler 52-088-048 Ultra-Aluminum Vernier Caliper Parallex Free has the following specifications :

    • Range: 0-48”/1200mm
    • .001”/.02mm dial graduations
    • Jaw Length of 6”

    The aluminum vernier caliper from Fowler/Helios offers the same lightweight hard anodized aluminum construction as the aluminum electronic caliper. As a result, these workshop calipers are extremely easy to handle.

    Special Features:

    • Aluminum alloy guideway
    • Measuring surfaces: stainless steel precision ground
    • Locking screw on top
    • Measuring jaws 4"/6"(150mm)
    • Reading: .001"/.02mm
    • Measuring surfaces hardened to 53 HRC
    • Parallax free

    Below is a list of all the Fowler Ultra-Aluminum Vernier Calipers:

    • 52-088-024 has a range of 0-24”/600mm
    • 52-088-048 has a range of 0-48”/1200mm
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