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  • Product Code: #532-119

    Fine Adjustment Vernier Calipers - Inch/Metric

    Range/Size: 0-5"/130mm

    Graduations: .001"/.02mm

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    Product Description

    532-119 Vernier Caliper with Fine Adjustment: 0-130mm/0-5"

    The Mitutoyo 532-119 Vernier Caliper has the following specifications:

    • Range: 0-130mm/0-5"
    • Accuracy: +/- 0.03mm
    • Graduation Lower Scale: 0.02mm
    • Graduation Upper Scale: .001"
    • Remarks: with metric/inch dual scale


    • Provided with a fine-adjustment carriage to feed the slider finely.
    • Supplied with vinyl holster in fitted carton.

    Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper Fine Adjustment - Metric:

    Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper Fine Adjustment - Metric/Inch:

    • 532-119 Vernier Caliper: 0-130mm/0-5"
    • 532-120 Vernier Caliper: 0-180mm/0-7"
    • 532-121 Vernier Caliper: 0-280mm/0-11"
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