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GS Tooling 337751 ER16 Collet

Product Code: 337751
MFGID: 337751

Brand: GS Tooling

Size: 0.275-0.295"

Size: 7-7.5mm

$32.62 $25.44
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Product Description

337751 GS Tooling ER16 Collet – Metric AA: 0.275-0.295″

The GS Tooling 337751 ER16 Collet – Metric AA has the following specifications:

Our ER collet system is made of special alloy steel material under excellent heat treatment and precise grinding process, so it has precise accuracy, powerful clamping ability, and is durable. This collet can clamp for a specific standard size and its next size. It can be widely used for boring, milling, drilling and tapping as well as for grinding operation, and is available for all sizes.


AA Collets have a runout of only 5 microns (0.005mm)

If this collets page does not have the specifications or information you are searching please visit the GS TOOLING company website. You can find their website by Clicking Here.

GS TOOLING ER16 Collet – Metric AA


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