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    90 Degree Countersink Gage # 688M-3Z

    Range: 9-14.2mm

    Graduations: .05mm

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    Product Description

    688M-3Z Starrett 90 Degree Countersink Gage: 9-14.2mm

    The Starrett 688M-3Z Countersink Gage has the following specifications:

    • Range: 9-14.2mm
    • Graduations: .05mm
    • Angle: 90�
    • EDP: 65009

    Starrett Countersink Gages are offered in three different angles so that the gage sets on the angular side of the countersink, as opposed to a chamfer gage which sets on the top edge of the chamfer. This gage directly reads the large diameter of the countersink in .002" or 0.05 mm increments. A set master ring is furnished with each gage for calibration and setting. Press the button on top of the indicator to firmly depress the gage head into the countersink. When the gage is removed, the indicator reading is held in place until the reset button is activated. All ground surfaces are of hardened tool steel Indicators are AGD design.


    • Ground surfaces are of hardened tool steel
    • Indicators AGD design
    • 82�, 90� and 100� Angles
    • Directly reads the large diameter of the countersink
    • Includes set master ring

    Starrett Countersink Gages - Metric:

    • 687M-1Z Countersink Gage 82�: 0.5-4.3mm
    • 687M-2Z Countersink Gage 82�: 4.0-9.0mm
    • 687M-3Z Countersink Gage 82�: 9.0-14.2mm
    • 687M-4Z Countersink Gage 82�: 14.2-19.8mm
    • 688M-1Z Countersink Gage 90�: 0.5-4.3mm
    • 688M-2Z Countersink Gage 90�: 4.0-9.0mm
    • 688M-3Z Countersink Gage 90�: 9.0-14.2mm
    • 688M-4Z Countersink Gage 90�: 14.2-19.8mm
    • 689M-1Z Countersink Gage 100�: 0.5-4.3mm
    • 689M-2Z Countersink Gage 100�: 4.0-9.0mm
    • 689M-3Z Countersink Gage 100�: 9.0-14.2mm
    • 689M-4Z Countersink Gage 100�: 14.2-19.8mm
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