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  • Product Code: #450-6

    Dial Depth Gages - Series 450

    Range/Size: 0-6"

    Graduations: .001"

    Price: $378.00 $360.00

    Product Description

    450-6 Starrett Dial Depth Gage: 0-6"

    The Starrett 450-6 Dial Depth Gage has the following specificaitons:

    • Range: 0-6"
    • Graduations: .001"

    These depth gages are ideal for the individual mechanic. The 450 series of dial depth gages are light, reliable and accurate for measurements to .001" or 0.02mm and will fit into most toolboxes.

    Readability Features:

    • Sharp, easy-to-read dial graduations of .001- .100" or 0.02-2mm in one revolution
    • Sharp, black graduations on the satin chrome finished bar, every .100" or 1mm

    Ease-of-Handling and Versatility Features:

    • Lock screw for dial bezel
    • Lock screw for holding the measuring rod in position
    • Optional base extensions of 7" and 12" (175 and 300mm) are available to increase the base span on both models.
    • Removable hook attachment permits readings from the edge of a workpiece to edges of slots, shoulders, etc.

    Accuracy and Long-Life Features:

    • Hardened, stainless steel base, measuring bar, rack and gears
    • Positive split gear anti-backlash control

    Starrett 450 and 450M Dial Depth Gages:

    • 450-6   Dial Depth Gage: 0-6"
    • 450-12 Dial Depth Gage: 0-12"

    Optional Accessories for the Starrett 450-6 Dial Depth Gage:

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