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  • Product Code: #54-138-020

    Electronic Digital Depth Gage 6 Inches base length

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    • Completely re-engineered measuring sensor. Incremental floating zero. Deviations read out directly without math.
    • Increased measuring, tracking speed of approximately 2 meters/second.
    • Zero button may be reconfigured as a hold button. If tool is used for SPC, it'll automatically be configured as a data output switch.
    • Base length 6"/150mm, width .570"(14mm).
    • Beam diameter .400"(10mm).
    • Repeatability .0002"(.005mm)±2s.
    • Large, high contrast LCD display indicates in/mm, hold, zero functions.
    • Direct inch/metric conversion.
    • Interchangeable bases available as accessories: 4"(100mm), 6"(150mm) or 8"(200mm).
    • Hold feature freezes display for later viewing. Ideal for hard to reach places.
    • Low drain, high efficiency lithium wafer battery. 4500 hrs. of continuous on time. Life extended 2—3 years with on/off switch.
    • Direct RS-232C output allows connection of the tool to any computer or printer with no interface necessary!
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