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Electronic Euro-Depth Gage 4 Inches base length

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Product Description

Fowler’s new Euro-Depth Gages feature Direct RS232 Output. These low cost tools combine Fowler’s Swiss patented measuring system with the rugged design of a full 8″ and 12″ capacity depth gage. Together they replace conventional vernier and dial depth gages and depth micrometers.


  • Features a standard style end.
  • Base width: .300″
  • Beam width: .637″
  • Beam thickness: .120″
  • Large easy to read LCD display
  • Resolution: .0005″ (.01mm)
  • Direct inch/metric conversion
  • Incremental floating zero
  • Low drain, high efficiency lithium wafer battery (environmentally safe for disposal) offers 3000 hours of continuous on-time. Life extended 2—3 years with use of on/off switch.
  • Includes battery & deluxe wood case.


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