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  • Product Code: #54-139-101

    S_Depth PRO Vertical Contact Point # 54-139-101

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    Product Description

    54-139-101 Vertical Contact Point for the S_Dial PRO Depth Gage

    The Fowler/Sylvac S_Dial Pro Electronic Depth Gage is the most recent addition to the Fowler product line of depth gages. This depth gage is one of the best quality depth gages on the market and is why it comes standard with a 5-year warranty. The interchangeable contact points and bases give uses much more versatility with the gage and can be used in a variety of depth applications. The two-button electronics on the S_Dial PRO Depth Gages are easy to master and have great RS-232 output if there is any need for data collection. The 54-139-101 Vertical Contact Point for the S_Dial PRO Depth Gage is manufactured in Switzerland by Sylvac.


    • Preset function
    • Switchable measuring direction
    • Battery life: 5000 hours of operation
    • Internal/External measurement
    • Interchangeable bases
    • Multiple contact points

    Below is a list of all the S_Depth PRO Depth Gages and accessories:

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